When you’re making a decision about using any product, sometimes it’s helpful to know what’s working for other people. Over the years, we’ve received quite a few endorsements of the Speak for Yourself (SfY) augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app. We thought you might like to “hear” what other people have to say!

“This app is brilliant.  Brilliant.

Our search is over.  There is no other app—or even device—that I’ve come across that is as smart, easy to customize, clear, and logical as this app.  It’s a huge relief, and really exciting, to have found something that has the ability to start working immediately, and also the growth potential to use it forever.  For as long as she needs assistive technology to communicate, this app will fit her.  

She won’t ever outgrow it, but it’s not too complex to jump right into.   

It’s perfect.

It’s called Speak for Yourself. (SfY)” read more…

Dana Nieder
AAC mom, author of the Uncommon Sense Blog, and Speech-Language Pathology graduate student

Jess using the Speak for Yourself AAC app to chat in the car.

“Jess was pushing every button and checking out every feature. Within half an hour, Jess touched the word “exceptional”. At that moment I turned to her and said “yes, you are exceptional”.  This was not a random event. When the babble feature is open, there are nearly 5,000 words and has a capacity of 14,000 words all which can be accessed in two taps.  Jess found “exceptional” a few times during the session. It was obvious that this was not like any AAC I’d seen before.

Jess now had renewed interest in trying to communicate. The words she wanted to say are literally at her fingertips. Within a week, she was able to assemble a phrase. In three-weeks time, she said, “Mom, I love you”. This was not a pre-programmed phrase. In fact, the only phrase that she has is “I use and app called Speak for Yourself to help me talk”.*

The reason Speak for Yourself works for Jess is because she is able to choose her own words and is not limited to a page of words that have been predetermined. The Babble feature is pure genius and Jess relies on this heavily. The ability to search for words quickly and being able to document usage through the History feature are just a couple of the features that make SFY a powerful AAC app. Last but not least, there is a SFY user group on FB that a parent can join for support. This group is comprised of new and seasoned SFY users, SLP’s and is open to those that use other AAC systems.” Read more…

Mary Kay
AAC mom and author of You Don’t Say AAC blog

Lemmy choosing his words with intense concentration.

“The SLP at the local public school wanted to get my son (4) using a Big Mac switch. Barf. He can indicate yes and no with sign approximations, he didn’t need a single switch. He also had iPad game experience so he already understood cause and effect.

After introducing SFY, the SLP expressed concern over the small button size. My son has fine motor issues and CVI (vision issues).

After a couple months he’s starting to learn button placement. He has access to 115 words. He’s told me things I’d have never thought to ask. I’ve learned his favorite Ninja Turtle. You just don’t get that from a single big red button! I’m so glad I believed he could use this app.”

Mariko Taylor
AAC mom

“Thanks a million!!!! It (Speak for Yourself) has been quite successful. I have used it with some of my clients with ASD and have had great success. I continue to use it and introduce SFY with those clients that need a hi tech device (via ipad) to communicate. As I mentioned previously my resources here in Trinidad are limited and not to mention quite expensive. I try to bring the latest in AAC to my clients in an affordable way as possible.
I want you to share with you one of my clients using SFY. He is now beginning to use his words and repeats words from time to time as he uses SFY. I am so proud of him, and he is very confident and willing to participate in activities using SFY. Thanks again for allowing me the use of your app. Much appreciated and gratitude”

Sirlon George, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist Trinidad

“For us SFY is the best thing we have done for our son with apraxia’s verbal speech.”

Krista Cox

“Not only have you brought a novel, spontaneous, efficient voice to so many children and adults, it’s clear through your website and the SFY user groups that you have inspired a community of fellow SLPs in the process. I have been an SLP for 20 years. Discovering SFY has been a game changer for my students and given me a renewed passion for my field. Thank you!”

Sharon Orso Stanley
Speech-Language Pathologist/AAC Evaluator Elk Grove, CA

“We are so grateful for SFY. We started with two words open last December (2014). She hit 700 last month (September 2015) and went over 800 this month (October 2015). Our latest additions were some fun words from making jack-o-lanterns (goo and goop) and adding all the Disney princesses.

It’s been incredibly interesting to me to see how we can see her language develop on the talkers weeks before she uses it verbally. I don’t think we’d see all her fun personality without SFY in our lives. She likes to joke with the talker and purposely pick things opposite (her favorite is telling us her desired foods are “gross” or “yucky” or will call people the wrong names then she’ll laugh and laugh.  Thank you for developing the app. We’ve become an AAC family because of it.”

Stacy Woelfel
AAC mom

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