From the Hands of Babes: AAC Awareness Month Round Up Part 2

In celebration of AAC Awareness Month this October, we asked you to share stories and pictures of the funny, embarrassing, special, entertaining, and typical things that students are able to say because of AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication). Yesterday’s post (Part 1) included AAC learners sharing their opinions about a situation, talking about feelings, showing off their literacy skills, and protesting! Here are more From the Hands of Babes posts and communication functions that are possible because of AAC students can…

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Touch Someone’s Heart

Because everyone, no matter hold old they are should be able to tell their mama “Happy Birthday” for the first time ever! My daughter told me last night for the first time. She is 23! After Happy Birthday, she said “Mama…Cake”!!!   ~Shared by Julie Bartley

Speak for Yourself with the message window full of the Happy Birthday song text.

Thanks so much to everyone who shared stories with us! Once you put communication in someone’s hands, you never know what you’ll hear from the hands of babes!

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