From The Hands of Babes: AAC Awareness Month Round Up Part 1

A little girl laying on the beach towel with her dog. She is looking at her Daniel Tiger toy she has placed on the Speak for Yourself button for “LIKE.”

October is Augmentative and Alternative communication (AAC) Awareness Month. Earlier this month, we asked you to post pictures of funny, amazing, adorable things that your children and clients say using their AAC systems. We gave away a beach towel that can also be used as a low tech core vocabulary option each week as part of the “From the Hands of Babes” campaign.

Reading through the posts, I was impressed with all of the functions of communication used and the creative ways that students find to express themselves. As AAC Awareness Month comes to a close, let’s celebrate the things individuals are able to share because of AAC!

Because of AAC, students can…

Share Their Opinions About a Situation

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